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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak


Joe – His family commented that he had ‘worked hard and done everything that was asked of him’.
Romeo - for trying new things.  We see from his timetable that he is learning about geology among many other interesting subjects.

George - for using his imagination in his Science lesson. 
Tillie - for pushing herself and writing a fantastic story 
Ellie - for pushing herself in all her work. 

Oliver, Jessica, Freya, Connie, Scarlett, Jack and Ted - for feeding back with great work and putting in a concerted effort all week.


Anna - for working hard to produce a detailed newspaper report about the breakout of World War Two.

Ava, Ruby and Isabella - for continuing to show an excellent attitude and dedication to learning whilst at home.
Isaac - for pushing himself and being determined to learn a new hymn on the piano which he can now play. 
Oliver - for continued improved attitude towards English and home learning tasks relating to this subject.
Fletcher and Jasmine - for excellent effort in completing home learning tasks in great detail.

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