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Little Hallingbury



Lime Class (year 6)

Harrison, Hugo and Holly, for their mature and independent communication about a wide range of work

Oak Class (year 5)

I will include these children as soon as possible.

Sycamore Class (year 4)

Mila and Ralphie for independent work and positive attitudes in a completely new school environment

Beech Class (year 3)

James for Trying New Things and learning with enthusiasm. 

Freddie for Working Hard and being creative in his work; taking on activity challenges.

Amelia for Pushing herself and Never Giving Up. 

Ash Class (years 1 & 2)

Thomas for demonstrating a desire to expand his knowledge through investigation and collection of evidence, by using a microscope tool to photograph plants in the garden.

Amelia for engaging in her home learning tasks and developing her skills to illustrate her work using the paint tool.

Alisa for continuing to work on improving and developing her handwriting style to present her work neatly.

Pine Class (R)

Martha, Phoebe, Grace, Noah and Ivy for working hard on their home learning activities.

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