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Little Hallingbury


11th June 2021


Zack - For a fabulous first week in Pine class. 

Frank - For being a great friend to the new members of Pine class.  

Quinn - For a fantastic first week in Pine class. 

William - For a super first week in Pine class. 



Josh, Imogen, Ellis, Elliot, Rufus, Thomas and William - "eco warriors" who all voluntarily picked up rubbish in the school playground at break time as part of our celebration and learning around World Oceans Day



Finlay - for his excellent engagement in his maths group this week.

Alex - for his excellent engagement in his maths group this week.

Callie -  for always be attentive in all subjects and offering ideas and responses to questions.



Emily - for demonstrating the secrets of success and making the right choices in class to support her learning.

Lilly - for pushing herself in her learning, demonstrating the secrets of success.

Lacey - for engaging with her learning and pushing herself in Core subjects.



Lewis - for pushing himself to explore patterns with precision in maths. 

Brooke - for being a supportive, co-operative and understanding partner and friend to others in the class. 

Oliver - for insight he shows when really engaged in learning and for his passion and energy in work and sport.  

Dilan - for the intricacy and precision of his work, showing attention to detail and high standards. 

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