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Little Hallingbury


14th May 2021


Phoebe - For fantastic independent writing on describing a beach scene and excellent work in phonics.

Ivor - For super participation and work in maths this week.

Alfie - For making a super lifeboat.

Jacob - For excellent work in phonics all week.


Thomas W - for editing and improving his character description

Kiera - for editing and improving her character description

Seren - for her emotional honestly this week

Diana - for her pushing herself and taking risks whilst writing her narrative on a character from our book

Esme - for pushing herself whilst writing our character description



Oscar N  - for his thoughtful and interesting contributions to class discussions.

Saoirse  - for her very positive attitude to tackling maths problem solving questions.



Ruth, Mia, Celia, Harry S, and Flora for their role-play, videoing, and editing skills in Computing.

Mila - for supporting and caring for others in the class.



Nada - for pushing herself and applying her imagination when creating designs on isometric paper. 

Dominic - for pushing himself more with reading and for his attention to detail and precision with 3D drawing. 

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