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Little Hallingbury


17th June 2022


Archie - For excellent improvement in his  independent writing.  

Zack - For choosing to push and challenge  himself in maths. 

Harper Lou - For being able to independently write the letter sounds that she can hear to write words. 












Mila, for maturity in all she does and for finding the perfect balance between independence and collaboration in her work and learning. 

Ciara, for taking a lead through her actions and contributions to class and school, and for her ambition and hard work. 

Mia P, for showing the Secrets of Success in so many ways, from her hard work and motivation to showing empathy and understanding of others. 

Noah, for his depth of thinking and his commitment to learning and school life. 

Mia B, for her positivity in all areas of school life, for working hard, improving and, most importantly, for being herself. 

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