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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak



Eve – for a consistently high standard of work, particularly with her Invitation from Bee to Ladybird. 

Ben - for never giving up and taking his learning forward every day, both at home and school.


George S - For continuing to work hard and push himself.

Ellie H - For continuing to work hard and push herself.


Ellie for a great start to her project on Italy.

Tegan for an excellent start to her Italy PowerPoint presentation.

George R, Jack, Ted and Scarlett for hard work and focus throughout the week across all subjects.


Sophia - producing an excellent piece of artwork by Max Ernst.

Lewis - showing great dedication and effort to Germany related project.

Isabella and Ava - continuing with good effort to contribute to DB Primary forums.

Oliver - showing great resilience and determination in his maths learning.

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