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Little Hallingbury


19th March 2021

Freddie - For excellent effort and perseverance with his writing all week.
Isabella - For her excellent contributions in class discussions and for working hard in all her work.
Alfie - For amazing counting 
Dylan - For super writing in phonics and in writing tasks


Ralphie - for his concentration and focus 
Alisa - for working hard in Maths and preserving 
Morgan - for her concentration and focus 
Esme- for having a positive attitude towards the book we are studying 
Imogen - for being such a kind and supportive friend 


Max - for his excellent descriptive writing about Stig of the Dump.
Eva - for her kindness and support shown towards another child.


Nicole - for persevering with her Fractions and demonstrating the value of 'Pushing yourself'
Katelin - for demonstrating the value 'Working hard' in her role-play questions/answers.
Celia - for demonstrating the value 'Don't give up' in her work on fractions in Maths.


Jasmin - for her thoughtful and reasoned contributions to discussions. 
Lewis - for a renewed, mature positive attitude to work and school. 
Ted - for his thinking skills and making constructive suggestions. 
Poppy - for her amazing enthusiasm for reading, managing the entire His Dark Materials trilogy in less than four days. 

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