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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

1st July 2022


Albie - for pushing himself in his Maths work. 

Riley - for working really hard in using the toilet. 

Dolly - for always doing her best and pushing herself in everything she does. 

Heath - for pushing himself in his Newspaper report. 

Lucian - for working hard and pushing himself in his Maths work. 


Zara - concentrating on her art work Florence - working hard on her phonics sounds. Beatrice - helpfulness in class Lily Sue - careful art design. Romeo - showing kindness towards younger children.



To all the Year 5 & 6s who tooked part at The Commonwealth Games Sports event at Carver Barracks - for supporting, encouraging and achieving - they came 1st in the Yr5/6 age group for Tiny Schools!



'Kindness & Friendship Cup' - Grace

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