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Little Hallingbury


1st October 2021


Ethan - For his enthusiasm and super listening and engagement in all activities.

Olivia R - For her kindness and consideration to others. 

Ella - For her excellent writing applying all of her tricky words.

Heidi - For preserving with her independent writing



Violet - for being a fantastic mathematician, showing great reasoning and problem-solving skills throughout the week

Ivy - for her growing confidence and for taking risks in her learning throughout the week

Ivor- for his enthusiasm towards our science learning and demonstrating great subject knowledge

Quinn - for taking pride in all areas of her work and showing great creativity

Isabella - for her fantastic, well thought out work in English

Sophie - for her enthusiasm towards all aspects her learning this week



Adelina for trying hard and enjoying success learning her basic facts in Maths

Teddy for showing greater focus in class and learning his spelling words and times tables

Alisa for being brave and "battling" her nerves when trying new things



Jenson - for contribution to class discussion in science.

Finlay - for contribution to class discussion in science.

Precious - for artistic ability on her Blitz picture

Eva - for artistic ability on her Blitz picture


Aaron, for his gentle thoughtfulness as a person and in his work.

Liala, for her kindness and for contributing so much to the class and school already.

Journey, for her quiet but productive and positive attitude, for her insight into her work and for her kindness.


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