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Little Hallingbury



Logan - Super perseverance when playing a ball game and keeping fit and healthy at home. Violet - Continuing to practice her writing skills.
Freddie - Showing great enthusiasm to develop his mathematical skills.
Albie - Showing super creativity to create a jungle at home.

William - for working hard at home and completing additional tasks including growing plants Joshua - for working hard at home and completing additional tasks including making a wooden sailing boat
Rufus – for keeping up with the daily lessons this week and demonstrating greater resilience Monique – for being innovative at home and setting up a fantastic shop to improve her addition and subtraction skills

Bailey for going that extra mile in his learning.
Oscar for his descriptive writing about the Minotaur.

Emily.S - for not giving up on equivalent fractions even though she found them tricky Emily.D - for pushing herself to write a balanced argument 
George.M - for trying new things and making a fantastic board game for the family to play Aaron - for completing all his Mathletics tasks independently

Jasmin, Eddie, Sadie, Harriet P and Emily P for enthusiastically embracing every challenge and opportunity that working in a virtual learning environment brings

Mr Lister would also like to praise the rest of his class for their participation in learning tasks.

Alesha, for working hard, always being present and active, and communicating very well to understand her learning.
Daisy, for her progress and improvement and for never giving up.
Zara, for pushing herself and going above and beyond in her music work.
Georgios, for being present and active, attending every single virtual register.
Charlie, for great communication and for understanding others through his polite and thoughtful interactions online.

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