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Little Hallingbury


25th September

Pine Class


Ash Class

Cian - for his focus in phonics

Alisa - for her enthusiasm for reading

Monique - for her perseverance when editing her postcard

Diana - for her mature and sensible attitude

Thomas H - for being a role model to the rest of the class

Amelia - for focusing hard on her work with a mature approach 

Sycamore Class

Shania - for her excellent concentration and willingness to engage in tasks

Riley - for improving his fluency of reading key words


Oak Class

Hannah for her inspiring Prayer.

Ruth for her descriptive writing.

Franklin for helping others in their work.

Lime Class

Poppy, for her maturity and focus in class and for push herself and working hard.

Brooke, for his gentle, kind and industrious approach to school life, understanding others and working hard.

Ella, for her commitment inside and outside of class, for her hard work and for pushing herself.

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