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Little Hallingbury




Grace - For writing super sentences in class. 

Ivor - For his enthusiasm in class and excellent addition sentences. 

Noah - For excellent motivation and developing independence in his learning.

Archie and Isabella for making great progress in their phonics and writing sentences using their knowledge of sounds and tricky words.


Morgan - for responding so positively to the online maths lessons.

Monique - for her engagement with the France topic.

Jemima - for her creativity and lovely artwork.


Eva for her creativity and topic art work

James for his design, build and creativity of a Greek temple.


Aaron - for his motivation and enthusiasm for remote learning

Journey - for completing her Mathletics tasks 

Ralphie - for his continued focus and determination

Mia - for her fantastic toy Olympics 


Everyone in Oak class for bravely agreeing to return to school in Bubbles A or B (or making the difficult decision not to) 


Hugo, for becoming more self-analytical in his work.

Ruby, for consistently working so hard at home and now at school too.

Samantha and Lily-Grace, for improving by returning to IXL work.
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