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Little Hallingbury


30th April 2021


Kelsie - for always showing kindness and consideration towards others. 

Dylan - for excellent work on doubling

Noah - For creating an excellent ‘wanted’ poster. 

Sky - For sharing her thoughts and answers more in class discussions. 



Archie - for his perseverance with his handwriting this week when presenting our diary entries

Teddy - for working hard on his spellings and pushing himself to learn more

Chloe - for diligently working on improving her writing by taking on advice

Alisa - for working co-operatively with her talk partner during our work on Cyberbullying 



Grace H  -  for her super atmospheric, descriptive writing.

Sonny   -   for his excellent concentration in his outline drawing which was then given texture using charcoals.



George - for a positive attitude in his learning and coming back to school with a focused, learning mindset.

Ralphie - for friendship and supporting others



Eddie -for his Star Writing: ‘If our universe is simulated, how would it work?’ 

Freddie - for his integrity and for understanding others. 

Olivia - increased effort in class, working harder and pushing herself more. 

Isabella - for really pushing herself in her reading and by taking risks in performing arts.

Amelia - for pushing herself by taking risks in performing arts. 

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