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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

4th March 2022


For working hard and pushing themselves in their homework:

Ella, Charlie S, Toby, Emmie, Freddie, Bowie, Dolly, Teddy, Suede & Eliza O'Halloran 


Heath - for working hard and pushing himself on his handwriting. 

Wiktor - for working hard on his story writing. 

Charlie M - for pushing himself in his reading at home and school. 

Ellie S - for pushing herself in her work. 



Beatrice - for improvements with presentation in English and Maths. Ben & Ralphie - for persistence in logging onto mathletics



Sophie - for her resilience when facing challenges

Liberty - for her compassion during our PHSE lesson

Max - for his understanding and compassion during our PHSE less

Zuzia - for her compassion and empathy during PHSE

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