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Panayiotis Tetsis

In his painting, Panayiotis Tetsis (1925) has always maintained constant links with the senses. His gaze was trained in reading the light and translating it into pure forces of colour. He created a painting ‘en plein air’ that is focuses on colour and light.  He particular painted the Greek seascapes.

Use white paint to try and capture the light in your picture!

Greek Mosaics

Design and make your own Greek mosaic

Introduction to mosaics:


Examples of Greek mosaics:

Task: Design and make your own mosaic


Week 1 – Look at the style of Greek mosaics. Write a paragraph about what you see – describe the mosaics. Think about the colours, the size of the tiles, and the styles of drawings. Are there any mosaics you particularly like – why?


Week 2 - Create a mood board with ideas for your own mosaic. A mood board is a page of work made up of any ideas you have. It may include images and pictures that you might use in your design; any colours you might use; any materials you might use. It a chance to test out your ideas and get them noted down all in one place. Remember to make use of what you wrote about in Week 1.


Week 3 – Decide on your mosaic design, remembering to use your mood board, and draw your design. Ensure your design is bold and not too intricate.


CHALLENGE – make sure your design is in the style of the Greek mosaics.


Prepare your mosaic tiles by cutting up coloured paper. (If you don’t have coloured paper, colour some white paper with felt-tips or paint.) Create your mosaic.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

Greek Architecture 


Learn all about Greek architecture by reading about how they were designed and built.

Task: To design and build your own example of Greek architecture, either as it would have been in Greek times or as a ruin you would find them in Greece today.


Week 1 – Draw a design of your temple.

Week 2 – Label the architectural features and note what materials you are going to use and equipment you will need.

Week 3 – Build your temple.


Here are some examples to get you started. Don’t forget you can roll card or paper to make the columns.

Nature Pictures

Can you recreate these from what you find on a Spring walk?

Create your own original picture.

Share on DB Primary.

Observe, Draw and Imagine

Can you observe something in your garden/park, draw it and then change it completely to something else?

Use your imagination!

Here are some examples.

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