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Little Hallingbury


Autumn Term

Barbara Hepworth

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Barbara Hepworth was a British artist and sculptor. The children have been creating necklaces based on Barbara's sculptures. Their designs are based on the coast and represent space.

November 2019

As a class we made Friendship soup and added lots of important ingredients.

  • 2 teaspoons of joy
  • 5 sticks of love
  • 2 cups of respect
  • 5 cups of safety 
  • 3 teaspoons of arguments
  • 1 cup of fun
  • 1 gallon of goofiness
  • 1 pinch of help
  • 1 cup of playing
  • 10 sticks of peace
  •  5 litres of happiness


Drama session 18 November 2019 on The Tunnel

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Today, in our English and Drama lesson we had fun exploring character's actions in the book The Tunnel by Anthony Browne.

September/October 2019


In Art lessons, we have focused on Autumn this term.  We have used leaves that we collected to sketch pencil and colour drawings observing the shape, pattern, lines and veins of the leaves.  The class used foam tiles to create prints of their leaves, which have made a wonderful display in the corridor by our classroom.


The artists we have learned about are Jackson Pollock, John Constable, Thomas Cole and Claude Monet.

September 2019


In Geography we are learning about countries of the world.  Beech class have been learning about continents, countries and will focus on some of the key geographical features of each continent.


The class enjoyed matching a country to a continent.  We had some interesting results!

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