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British Values

For our project about Great Britain, please visit the appropriately titled 'Project Britain' website. This is a website all about Britain, set up by another school a few years ago. It contains lots of fascinating facts about Britain.



Without imitating this too closely, our project - as a class and individually - will be to create our own site all about Britain, its history, geography and culture. We will include British Values on our site.


I will need you to do as much research as you can. This can be research online, through talking to your family and friends - in person and electronically (keeping safe online), through books and other resources you already have at home, and through your own experiences of living in Britain. Discover as much as you can about Britain. Be a learner. Develop a hunger for knowledge and understanding. Want to know more.


While you discover, make sure you record. Take notes, draw pictures and write about what you are learning. I suggest you take hand-written notes (often it helps things to 'stick') but you might want to record in other ways. However you choose to do it, get information down to start becoming an expert, at least with the part of our British topic that interests you the most. 


Once you have recorded your information, start to bring it together to create something new. This is your chance to be a leader. Generate work in any form that you think communicates your ideas well. Something that I can place on a website is best - offline work is great, as it can be photographed, filmed or scanned. I will assist with putting your work into place for all to see.


Your tasks:



(Be a learner.)


(Be an expert.)


(Be a leader.)

Using any resources you can find - including website that I direct you towards - learn about Britain. You can focus on the aspects of British history, geography and culture that most interest you.


1) Great Britons 

2) Events in British History 

3) British Symbols

4) Great British Music

5) Sport in Britain

6) The Great British Landscape

7) Great British Inventions

8) British Food and Drink

9) A Nation of Animal Lovers

10) Great British Nature

11) British Democracy

12) Kings and Queens

13) British Books and Plays

14) Art in Great Britain

15) Great British Fashion

16) British Traditions

17) British Towns and Cities

18) British Weather

19) The British Calendar

20) Religion in Great Britain

21) Great British Hobbies

22) Britain and the World

23) British Transport and Vehicles

24) Britain and the Environment

25) British Place Names

26) British Counties

27) The Home Countries

28) Great British Landmarks and Buildings


And of course... British Values



Record what you learn. Record facts, explanations, ideas, quotes, images and sources (a 'source' is the place you got your information from).


Record your work how you choose. I recommend writing it down in a book or on sheets of paper in a folder. You might like to create mind-maps, tables and charts. Try to mix visuals (drawings etc.) with written information.


Don't just record. Read it back. Look at it. Become an expert. Become the owner of the information you have recorded. Know everything you have written down. Try 'showing off' a little - by which I mean be proud of what you know.


You may have different ways of recording your information. 


I am happy for you to share your information with me in any way. You might want to e-mail me or add something to the forums (there is a forum for this project). You might want to send me a picture of your work.


You do not have to send me the work you do for 'record'. Instead you can send me your 'create' work.

When you have recorded your new learning (which can include things you knew already and want to put into your project), get ready to create.


For this stage, you will be making something that will go on our website. Actually, you will be making several somethings, unless you spend time on other projects. This could include:


> pieces of writing (word-processed or hand-written and sent to me/photographed);

> images that you have created in any way;

> images that you didn't create but have arranged and put together in a new way (remain to say where you got them from - the 'sources');

> videos you have created;

> audio (sound) you have created;

> computer documents you have created (e.g. PowerPoints);

> maps;

> character profiles;

> newspaper reports;

> posters;

> other offline creations, such as sculptures, 3D art, textiles, recipes.


If you can think of it and create it, and if it supports our project, then do it. Be creative!



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