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Little Hallingbury





Children will not be allowed to take mobile phones with them unless SIM cards are removed.


In normal circumstances there will be no contact via telephone. Special circumstances (such as birthdays) can be planned for in advance. For children who experience homesickness, long-distance contact in this way can be traumatic. I have been on trips with children who do miss home, but the number of activities, the novelty of the experience and the energy they expend while away always seems to be the best cure.


       For some children, it is good to receive a letter from home, and this is very much enjoyed by the children in my experience. Feel free to send a letter or letters to the hotel (one of the best ways to do this is to bypass the post and send them by “Mr. Oliver Mail”, which will guarantee they will arrive while the children are still actually there.)     


       We will be in regular communication with the school. I will send an update by e-mail to the office each day to be forwarded. Do not be surprised if this does not come for a while – I cue messages up on a mobile phone, which then send when we reach reception areas on the following day. If possible, I will send a text to parents who sign up for them. However, there might not be time or suitable connections to do this so don’t rely on it (I will preserve phone battery as much as possible and there is no service at the hostel). We will not be able to send any communication on the first night. Remember: no news is good news.
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