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St Mary's

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We are recapping and building upon coding skills and debugging by following course E on the website.

Please familiarise yourself with this website and try the activities in lesson 1: Sequencing in the Maze.

If you complete it all fairly quickly, you can try lesson 2: Drawing with loops.


You need to go to

On the right of the login page, you will be asked to enter your 6 letter section code. You will be sent this and your individual 2 word passwords to your Db Primary email.

One you have entered the section code you will be asked to select your name.  You then need to enter the two words of your password.  This should take you to your home page where you will find the tasks.


Monday 18th January 2021


If you haven’t completed the activities in lesson one, please do those.


Many of you missed out some of the activities in lesson 2 (particularly activities 7 – 11) so please complete those before moving on to lesson 3.


If you have a light green circle for an activity instead of a darker green one, it means you need to retry that one before moving on. 


Make sure you have tried the challenge activities at the end of each lesson. Don’t go beyond lesson 4 today.

Monday 25th January 2021


If you haven't completed lessons 1 to 4, please do those.


If you have completed those then you can work on lessons 5 and 6 today.


If you are finding one of the activities difficult, please email me through db primary so i can help.

This lesson uses a free programme called 'Tinkercad'.

Below are instructions on how to login.


Student instructions

Have a class link?

  1. Go to your class at
  2. Enter the Nickname your teacher assigned you.


I will send your nickname to your db primary email.

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