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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Children's Easter work

Easter tasks

Please choose a few activities from the list below.


  • Re-tell the Easter story from the donkey’s point of view.


  • Use resources from outside, for example, twigs, grass or stones to create a picture representing a part of the Easter story.


  • Write an Easter poem.


  • Make something out of your Easter Egg cardboard box.


  • Research and create an information sheet about someone who inspires you.


  • Create an exercise routine for someone to complete at home.


  • When you go on your daily walk see how many different animals you can spot. Draw and find out some facts about them.


  • Draw a map of an Easter Egg hunt around your home. Direct someone to find all the eggs.


  • Create a rainbow picture for your window to show support for the NHS.                Extra challenge - Explain why you think a rainbow has been chosen as the symbol to show support.



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