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Easter Projects

Easter Tasks

During the Easter holidays you are not expected to continue with the usual school work. Instead, there are Easter projects to complete. First of all, please be familiar with the Easter story. You can find more out about it in these places:


BBC Easter


The Easter Story


Be creative. Choose at least one written, one art and one DB Primary task from the lists below to do during the Easter holidays.


Art, Design, Craft and Performing Arts Tasks

1) Create a 2D or 3D piece of art of your choice on the theme of Easter.

2) Create a piece of origami on the theme of Easter – see this page for ideas.

3) Decorate an egg (if eggs are in short supply due to Lockdown, how might you improvise to create something else egg shaped?)

4) Create a window decoration combining the theme of Easter with the rainbow symbols that have been appearing in windows to show support for keyworkers and as a symbol of hope.


Writing Tasks

1) Write a diary for Holy Week and Easter Sunday from the point of view of someone involved. This could be Jesus himself, Pilate, one of the disciples or someone living in Jerusalem at the time.

2) Write a play script, turning the Easter story into a short play or a scene from a play,

3) Create a comic strip or short ‘graphic novel’ to tell the story. You can mix writing with images for this. If there is enough writing, this can count as both your art and writing task.

4) Describe the scene where Jesus was crucified and the one where the Resurrection took place. Show a contrast between the two, representing darkness and light, death and life.

5) Describe the events in Holy Week in a more matter-of-fact manner, either as a recount or as a newspaper article.

6) You can choose to be more ambitious if you prefer and create a newspaper or front page with a few articles to do with the story – including historical information about what life was like in Jerusalem at the time.


DB Primary Tasks

1) Please contribute to one or more of the new Easter forums on the Lime Class webpage. Use this as a place to think more deeply about the Easter story – its meaning and the impact it can have on the lives of people, including people who believe in Christianity and people of other faiths and of no faith.

2) Please contribute to the wondering question that Mrs. Strickland has placed on the school website. I have put more information about it on the ‘Remote Learning at LHS and HBO’ community.

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