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Little Hallingbury


English Tasks


Please visit


Your homepage will show a series of 'Live Tests'. This is what it looks like as of Monday 23rd March.


Please work on tasks in the following order:

1) 'a' or 'an'

2) Word families

3) Present perfect form

4) Prepositions & adverbs (A)

5) Prepositions & adverbs (B)

6) Prefixes

7) Paragraphs and headings (A)

8) Paragraphs and headings (B)


IXL Tasks for English


Many of you will be at different stages with your English IXL. Therefore, you might feel you should be working on something different to what I have written below. You should work on the first tasks on the list that you have not yet done. If you have covered everything, please ask me what to do next. You are very welcome to have a go at the support tasks. This will help cover and revise fundamentals you feel rusty with or don't feel you understood the first time round. If you find the Year 6 tasks easier, you can also try the enrichment tasks.


Please work on tasks in the following order.


Tasks Support Enrichment
I.1 to I.6 Punctuation, Capitalisation and Formatting

Year 3 - T.1 to T.5

Year 4 - J.1 to J.8

Year 5 - J.1 to J.9

Year 7 - I.1 to I.9
J.1 to J.8 Prefixes and Suffixes

Year 3 - V.19 to V.23

Year 4 - K.1 to K.8

Year 5 - K.1 to K.8

Year 7 - J.1 to J.8
M.1 to M.12 Word Relationship and Usage

Year 3 - V.1 to V.18

Year 4 - N.1 to N.15

Year 5 - N.1 to N.15

Year 7 - M.1 to M.13
G.1 to G.5 Conjunctions

Year 3 - R.1 to R.3

Year 4 - H.1 to H.4

Year 5 - H.1 to H.4

Year 7 - G.1 to G.5
A.1 to A.9 Sentence Structure

Year 3 - K.1 to K.7

Year 4 - A.1 to A.8

Year 5 - A.1 to A.8

Year 7 - A.1 to A.9




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