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My New Teacher (To be completed in class)

Write a letter to your new teacher in Year 4 Mrs Wheatley using the template below (2 star or 3 star).

If you are not returning to school, then you can write this at home.

Persuasive Writing - Adverts

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be writing an advert to persuade tourists to visit Greece.

We will learn the features of an advert and how to use persuasion in our writing.


What does it mean to be an Explorer?  Whether scaling mountains, pushing into the frontiers of space, or plumping the depths of the sea, what do we all have in common?  It's a driving curiosity, a thirst for discovery, and a desire to test the limits of our minds, bodies and the world around us.  Courage and perseverance are a big part of every Explorer's story, too.  Sure, every Explorer faces doubts - sometimes their own doubts, and sometimes the doubts of other people who have different ideas of what is possible.  Then there are the unpredictable setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that arise in every journey.  What prevails in the best explorers is their determination, self-confidence, and drive.  They preserve.  They are resilient!

by Barbara Hillary


Key words: 

frontiers = the limit of knowledge in a particular field (in this case, space)

plumping = to drop or sit suddenly

curiosity = eagerness to know or find out

perseverance = continued belief or efforts

insurmountable = impossible to overcome

prevails = to prove

We are going to become Explorers and explore the country of Greece!

Summer 2 - Writing

Bellow are the supporting activity sheets and documents you will need to complete the Daily Home Learning Plans.

The activity sheets are differentiated for Circles, Triangles and Squares.  


We will continue to learn our spellings this term as normal.  A list of Autumn, Spring and Summer spellings are also under the homework page.  Twinkl website also has a lot of spelling games and tools you could use.


It is important that you continue to practise your handwriting.  Remember to use cursive, descenders and ascenders and start your writing at the margin.  

The handwriting sheets below enable you to practise your weekly spellings as well.

Picture News

Summer 1 - Writing

Extra Writing Challenges

Here are some additional ideas of writing tasks you could complete while you are at home that we have covered in class this year.

  • Free write - write a story, letter or poem based on something that interests you.
  • Complete a book review - what did you like about the book?  Why are you recommending it? (template attached)
  • Write instructions - based on making a potion, recipe or how to plant a seed?  Include imperative (bossy) verbs and adverbs of time (First, Next, Then)
  • Fact File - produce a fact file linking to our history or science topics (template below).
  • Newsround - listen to the daily newsround story and write a summary of what you heard and how it made you feel. 


Twinkl is a great online resource which is offering free access to its resources.  It has lots of ideas and templates.  Go to  CODE CVDTWINKLHELPS

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