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Little Hallingbury


Equipment and Clothing Lists

Download a copy of the equipment list:

Wales 2019 Equipment List


For outdoor activities:


  • A comfortable waterproof jacket .
    • We will be out on the hills on more than one occasion. It will rain for at least some of that time! Children will need a waterproof jacket that will keep them comfortable if we are unlucky with the weather.
  • Fleece / jumper
    • A fleece or jumper that can be worn or removed and kept in a rucksack is very helpful as temperature can change dramatically in a single day and in different environments.
  • Comfortable trousers – NOT JEANS
    • Jeans are no good in poor weather as they get very wet, cold and uncomfortable. If you don’t have them already, a cheap pair of packable waterproof overtrousers is a good idea. They are not essential, but if a child has them and it looks like we will be in the rain for a while, they can be put on and will be worth it after a while.
  • Sturdy shoes
    • Walking boots are ideal, as they give protection to the ankle, are waterproof and tough. We will be walking on uneven ground, so grip is important. For example, the path up and around Llyn Idwal is quite rough and stony. Shoes or boots which are comfortable and which have a good grip are required.
  • Hat
    • It can get very sunny at times and a hat or cap will help protect from the sun (and the rain!)
  • Suncream
    • I will bring spare suncream, but we ask that children who are likely to burn bring and apply their own and are used to applying it.
  • Insect bites medication
    • If your child is susceptible to insect bites (e.g. midges) I advise you send them with repellent and/or creams for treatment. When the wind dies down, we can get ‘midged’ around Idwal Cottage.
  • Comfortable / spare socks
    • Wet feet are uncomfortable. Having thicker socks can help, as can bringing a spare pair or two in a rucksack.
  • Rucksack  / daypack
    • On most days, children will need to bring a comfortable day pack. This should have two shoulder straps so it can be comfortably carried and should have enough space for a waterproof jacket, a fleece/jumper, a packed lunch, a water bottle and room for any souvenirs bought when out during the day.
  • Water bottle
    • Children should bring a water bottle that will not leak when kept inside the rucksack. The school water bottles are not designed to be carried like this. Please label the water bottle with your child’s name.


For Outdoor and Adventurous Activities:


  • “Wet” Clothes
    • Each child should have a swimming costume to wear underneath other clothes on these days. We have a drying room at the hostel that is quite effective.
  • Warm ‘under wetsuit’ clothes
    • This depends how cold your child tends to get. Here is the advice from the outdoor activity provider: “The best items to wear underneath the wetsuits, in addition to their swimming costumes etc, are thin sportswear tops (the ones that are designed to wick away moisture from the body) or thin thermal tops. Normal t-shirts are a no-no as they just become heavier with the water and don't allow the trapped air too warm up with body heat.”
  • Flexible trousers
    • For all activities with ProActive Adventure children will need flexible trousers – walking trousers of tracksuit bottoms / joggers are fine. Jeans are not flexible or comfortable enough, especially for rock climbing!
  • Shoes for water based adventurous activites
    • These will need to have decent soles and be sturdy enough to reduce the chance of stubbing toes when scrambling. They will get completely immersed in water. Old trainers are OK if they have reasonable grips.
  • A towel big enough to get changed behind.
  • A plastic bag or wet-bag for taking home any wet clothes.


For general use


  • Tops / trousers
    • Jeans are fine for wearing in the evenings. Any clothes that children are comfortable knocking around in at home are suitable for general use.
  • Swimming costumes
    • Make sure a swimming costume is included for our water-based activity session.
  • Night wear
    • Please bring comfortable nightwear. The rooms are mostly not en-suite so bringing a dressing gown will give us more flexibility with when we ask children to get ready for bed.
  • Underwear
    • Please bring enough underwear to last the five days/four nights, bearing in mind that we will also need a complete change of clothes on the Tuesday and the Wednesday. Don’t forget to bring underwear to these activities to change back into!
  • Luggage / labelling
    • Please make sure that your child takes part in packing their bags, so they know what they have brought with them. Please label the suitcase or holdall. The more clothes that are labelled with children’s names, the easier it will be to keep track of them.


Optional Extras

  • Travel games, packs of cards etc. (without small fiddly pieces)
  • Paperback books
  • Puzzle books
  • MP3 players but children must take responsibility for these.
    • Phones with SIM cards are not permitted. However, a phone with the SIM removed may be taken at the discretion of parents if it is to be used as an mp3 player or camera. A responsible use agreement will need to be signed in order to take photographs.
    • Tablet/smartphone type gadgets may be sent at the discretion of parents, but please consider the following:
      • They are likely to only be used on the coach for the longer journeys.
      • I might not allow larger items to come on the coach with us on days out, so they might end up only be used in the coach on the long journeys out and back.
      • We will not go back to a site to pick up a lost or forgotten gadget.
      • This is a chance to socialise and spend time away from some of the electronic ‘trappings’ of everyday life. If they are useful distractions on long coach journeys, that’s fine, but it is possible they won’t be available at other times.
  • A cuddly toy
  • A camera (provided a responsible use agreement is signed)



            You are welcome to bring digital cameras with parental permission, provided it is clear that the cameras are your own responsibility. I will bring at least two digital cameras and a video camera, which you will be able to use at times.

            Photographs will be made available on the school website following the trip.

Any photos taken by children should be for private use only. If they have identifiable people in them, they must not be shared publically (including via e-mail and social media) without permission. Before cameras can be used, we will require a responsible use agreement to be signed. There is a copy on the website.

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