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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Friday 22nd Jan

Friday's learning plan

Spelling - We will hold our second zoom spelling test.  Invites to be sent on Thursday afternoon.  Please note there is one meeting which starts at 9.30 but I ask the year three children to be present at 9.30, and the year fours to join at 9.45.

I am sorry to say that we had some technical difficulties this morning, the sound was not working and some people hadn't got a link.  Thank you for your patience, I will review the sending of links and also try to make the password simpler. Thanks also to the parents who texted one another with the link information.

English - Today you will find your task on your desk top on dB Primary.  You are asked to improve the fable you wrote on Thursday and then type it up.  Login to dB Primary to complete this task.
French -   Today you have a lovely song to learn which will help you learn French greetings.  You can listen to the song and then watch the power point about France, or do it the other way around!

French - greetings song

Listen to the song one verse at a time. You will notice that it repeats. As you listen try to join in and sing along.

Watch this presentation to find out about some famous landmarks in France.

Choose your favourite landmark and draw a picture of it.  You might even want to make it into a postcard.
Story time: Have you noticed there is now a class story for you to listen to?  You can listen at anytime of the day.  I will try to upload a new chapter each day.  I hope you will enjoy listening.  We will be talking about the story next week.  If you enjoy listening to Humphrey's adventures there is a whole set to collect.
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