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Little Hallingbury


Reception - Friday 22nd January



Please practise the sounds (phonemes) we have learnt this week-

 ff, b, h, j

Then continue to practise reading and writing phase 2 tricky words-

 I the no go to

(these are words that you can’t sound out so need to learn by sight.)

Here are a list of links to phonics games please select phase 2 and practise these sounds.

English - Can you write two simple sentences, using your phonic and tricky word knowledge, about each of the farm animals, e.g.

It is pink.

He has a thick wool.


or to challenge yourself, write a longer sentence and include a connective (a joining word, e.g. and), e.g:


She is hairy and has a fluffy tail.


There are some descriptive words to help you but make sure you choose the correct ones!

Maths - Please join in the live maths zoom at 10am and complete the maths follow-up activity on adding objects. 
Creative - See the document below for details of this week's creative activity. 
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