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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Friday 26th February

PE  - begin the day with Joe Wicks, or make sure you take half an hour of exercise outside today.

Zoom spelling test 

year 3 -  9.30 am

year 4 - 9.45 am

Makaton sign of the day- no

Still image for this video


Today we are learning  about adverbs that help you add on information.  So, when you are writing you don't keep using and, and, and.  Read the page and you will find out what some of these adverbs are and have a chance to use them in your own description of what Trolls eat.

You need to print, read and complete page 10 of the above document.  It has been uploaded as a task to your  DB primary desk top so that you can submit it to be marked. 

Science  part 2 - Properties of materials

Now investigate...

You have learnt about solids, liquids and gases.  Now you can look for these around your home over the weekend.  Talk with your family about what you see.

The what happens when the kettle is boiled.  

Cooking.... ask if you can help to prepare some food where frying in butter is needed.  Fry some onions for example.  how long does it take for the butter to melt?

The bathroom/shower... can you spot any condensation (water droplets) on the tiles around the bath/shower?

The freezer...can you make water freeze?  How long does it take to turn into ice?


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