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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Friday 29th Jan

PE with Joe Wicks at 9am on YouTube.

Spellings -  Please look out for a new Zoom link on Thursday afternoon.

Year threes to join at 9.30 and year fours to join at 9.45 - here's hoping it works this week!

English - Today you need to type up the riddle that you wrote on paper yesterday  You login to DB Primary, look at your desktop you will see the task there.  Please ensure that you produce work to the best of your ability for this task as I am planning to publish as many riddles as I can onto this Wrens website.  DB rewards will be awarded to children who have worked to the best of their ability.
Maths  Your child needs to work at a level they feel comfortable with, where they are learning what is new for them.  If they are in year three, they might prefer to follow the year 2 curriculum and if they are in year 4 the year 3 work may suit them better.  Feel free to open both and decide together with your child.
Maths Year 3
Maths year 4

PSHE at 1.30pm - Please use the same zoom link that you used this morning for spellings.

On this zoom call, after saying greeting one another we are going to try playing a couple of games.  It will be good if you can have some of your toys near you for this call;  some lego bricks, soft toys, coloured pens  and plain paper.


Story time: End your day listening to the next chapter of The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney.
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