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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Friday 5th March


Start you day with a Joe Wicks work out.

Spellings and update:  

Zoom call.  9.30 year 3 and 9.45 year 4.  After the spellings I will share an update of the classroom with some pictures to help prepare the children for Monday's return to school.  Please make every effort to be part of this call.



Read the poem below; Who says a poem has to rhyme?

How would you like to end each line?

Follow the *** to find the answers that the poet Roger Stevens chose.

Do you like it?




Using the mini book you made yesterday on World Book day, copy the poem neatly and carefully adding your own chosen words at the end of each verse.  You will probably need very small handwriting.  

Look to see when you should use a capital letter and make sure you copy the spellings correctly too.

(If you weren't able to make a book, then use plain or lined paper for your poem today).

You can put these little books into a clear sandwich bag and bring them into school on Monday 8th March.  We'll collect them in a box and display them after 72 hours.

Don't forget to write your name on the front of the book.

Poems to enjoy at the end of the day.
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