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Little Hallingbury


Gorge Scrambling

Gorge Scrambling with ProActive – Wednesday


On Wednesday we will head east to the Conwy Valley. There we will find a mountain river called Afon Ddu. This is located in an SSSI, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, as it has plants that are found in very few other places. Taking care not to tread on these, we will descend to the river, which runs through a gorge, before scrambling our way through, around and up it.


This is an adventurous activity that involves scrambling, wading, grappling, floating and swimming (the latter two are optional) through an other-worldly environment. I have been on this route several times. On the way we will see waterfalls from an entirely new perspective (next to, behind and even underneath if children choose to), experience a plunge pool and even pass through ‘The Elephant’s Bottom’. If I can fit, anyone can!


For adventurous activities such as this, we seek providers whom we can trust highly. We will be led by experienced guides who know the location well and will tailor their support and challenge to each individual child. Different levels of challenge are possible in this activity, whether you are full of adventure or less confident.


This is what ProActive say about Gorge Scrambling:


Gorge walking, or Canyoning as it is also known, is everything your mother told you not to do in rivers. Jumping off waterfalls; abseiling down cliffs into plunge pools; sliding down rocks and, most of all, getting wet. We have a great range of gorge walking locations in North, Mid and South Wales. So whether you want to spend a more sedate gorge walk trip taking in some history, geology and breathtaking scenery, or would rather a full on adrenaline hit, we have the gorge walk location for you. Ideal for team building and great fun for stag and hen parties!

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