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Little Hallingbury



Paris-Nice 2020 - Best-of

The 2020 edition of the Paris-Nice stage of the race. . Take a trip down memory lane with this video of the race highlights....

The weather in French | Beginner French Lessons for Children

In this beginner French lesson you will learn 10 French words for talking about the weather including the French for hot, cold, dry, sunny, stormy, cloudy,foggy

Summer 2 Week 4 - BBC Schools: Barnaby Bear - 'Brittany'

Drawing things in a Birds' Eye View

Castles for Kids: What is a Castle? Medieval History for Children - FreeSchool

For hundreds of years, if you wanted to control territory in Europe, a castle was your best friend.

A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles | Animated History

Watch this short animation to discover how castles developed during the middle ages. We trace their evolution from early motte and bailey castles in Norman t...

Castles - Motte & Bailey Read the power point and then label the diagram

History for Week 1 will focus on the fact finding activities through English about the life of St George.
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