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Little Hallingbury


Reception Home Learning 6th-9th October

Home Learning - Friday 9th October

Beware of the Bears by Alan MacDonald // Kids Read Aloud

Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But did you know there is more to the story? Illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson.

Home Learning - Thursday 8th October

The Colour Monster - Read by Sherry

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas. Read by Sherry. You can get the book and read a bit about The Colour Monster on our Blog! 💖: https://whatchildrenreallyw...

5 Little Monkeys pictures

Five Little Monkeys Sing-along | Kids Songs | #readalong with Super Simple Songs

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► 🐵 Five Little Monkeys is one of our favorite nursery rhymes. Sing-a...

Story props for stick puppets

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