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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Homework Fri 12th Nov


Please remember that your homework is due in each week by Friday morning. 


ENGLISH - this week we enjoyed a virtual session with the National Coal Museum Education Department and we learnt a great deal about Victorian Coal Mining. Please choose one of the family members (remember we heard about all the different jobs each family had down the mines) to write a diary entry about what it would have been like. There is a diary entry KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER to help remind you about diary entries and some useful vocabulary. Presentation, as always, for English is part of the curriculum objectives so please make sure that your homework showcases neat and legible handwriting and presentation. 


MATHS  - there is an investigation to complete. Have fun doing this at home with other members of your family if you can!


ART - please complete the graffiti art sheet ready to start our new topic next week. Think carefully about the colours you use and whether graffiti art has any repeating colour patterns. 


Have a great weekend!

Mrs P 

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