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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Homework Fri 24th Sept

Dear Owls


Your homework for this week is as follows:


SPELLINGS - please learn your spellings for this week as well as a recap on the past 2 weeks. Next Friday we will do a revision test of the past 3 weeks as this is good way to consolidate these words.  


MATHS - please go onto Mathletics and Top Marks to play some games about addition and subtraction as they will be the next topics we will be visiting in Maths. 


READING - please read your book for at least 15 mins each day and make sure you are recording this in your reading record. It is a great idea to start to keep a log of words that are unfamiliar to you and find out their meaning. 


CHALLENGE ACTIVITY (this is optional)

RECYCLING WEEK - all week we have been doing various activities about NATIONAL RECYCLING WEEK and I would like you to see if there is a recycling initiative that we could start in school to make everyone aware of the benefits and importance of recycling. You could present this information as a letter to Miss C, a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or a video. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs P 

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