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Little Hallingbury


Idwal Cottage

The Hostel


We will be staying in the Idwal Youth Hostel on this trip. This is the hostel we stayed at in 2012 and again every year since 2016. It is right in the heart of the Snowdonia, with the stunning hanging valley of Cwm Idwal in our ‘back garden’. We are self-catering and will be the sole visitors during the week. The hostel is secure and accessed with a door code which the adults will have. This is a youth hostel not a hotel. Make sure you know how to make a bed before going!  


Our hostel has excellent reviews. I like it so much, I have returned there myself for a walking holiday.






We will be self catering this year, for the fifth time. Self-catering gives us more work to do, but it also allows us to have the hostel all to ourselves. What’s more, it adds to the responsibility and independence of the week. Preparing for meals and cleaning up after them will be part of the experience. After we have had the parental meeting, children will all have a say about what meals would be enjoyed and are practical to prepare. I will share information about budgeting with them. We will have food delivered while there to make sure it is handled, stored and prepared properly. Children will be fully involved in the risk management process so that we ensure food safety standards are maintained.

       Children will be assigned to ‘teams’ for each day for preparing dinner and the following day’s lunch. They will know who is doing what before we go on the trip. There will also be ‘breakfast teams’.

       If there’s anything you would like us to know about your child’s eating habits, please note it down on the medical/dietary form.

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