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Lesson 2 - Christian Aid

Christian Aid


I've uploaded a pdf in which the Church of England's former Archbishop of Canterbury - Dr. Rowan Williams is interviewed as the Chair of Christian Aid.


The interview starts on page 7.


[My apologies - my poor IT skills meant I was not able to delete pages 1 - 6].




1. read the whole interview (pages 7 - 10); and 


2. answer questions 1 - 16 that follow. 


You can do this either by


- printing pages 11-15 and writing in the speech bubbles provided; or

- if your IT skills permit copy and type in your answers; or

- write in your Green book; or

- simply post your answers on DB Primary in the relevant forum. 


[If you're writing in your Green book or typing directly into DB Primary please include the question in your answer!]


Usual BPs and DB primary rewards apply.


You have until 3pm Friday 22 May to complete this task.


Let me know in the usual way if you need any help.


Mr L cool 



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