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Little Hallingbury


Let the Games Begin

Instructions for Recording Audio


If you are able to record at home as well as at school, you may do so, but the same method must be used.


Please note:


The name of your file is extremely important. You must name your file correctly otherwise we will not be able to use it and will substitute it with another actor's recording.


You must use the numbered script. It is available as a Word document and as a PDF on the Lime Class Remote Learning Let the Games Begin page. It gives the numbers for each line.


1) Make sure you reduce other sounds as much as possible. If possible, record in a closed room with no-one else in it and with no other noises around. Record close enough to the microphone of your device to be loud and clear but no so that the recording is distorted. Be careful to avoid making noises by touching your device when recording. If possible, do it hands free.


2) Record a single line at a time. All the lines are numbered alongside the character who speaks them. If there are any errors in the numbered script we will add a letter after the previous number (e.g. 48a would come after 48 but before 49).


3) This single line should be a single file. You can record it as many times as you like until you are happy with it. Please only pass the finished version on to me.


4) When recording your lines you can pause briefly if the stage directions say that something happens during your line, but don't leave it too long as there will be no one on stage to react in the gap.


5) When you have recorded a line, please save it, using the following file name pattern.




For example, Lady Fortune's first line, if I performed it (!) would be:




Please write the number and the character name exactly as in the playscript, with an underscore in place of any gaps, followed by an underscore and your initials. An underscore can be found to the right of the numbers on your keyboard, usually by pressing shift and the hyphen/minus symbol.


I will not be able to use incorrectly named files, with the exception of small errors to the name of the character (for example using lower case instead of capitals, which won't effect the order in which files are sorted). However, if the number is wrong or missing or if the initials are wrong or missing, I will not be able to use the file.



Instructions for Let the Games Begin Art


If possible, we might set our audio play to have a video (or rather a slideshow) to accompany it. To do this, we would need a series of pictures showing the scenes from Let the Games Begin.


Please create artwork to represent scenes from the play. You may choose which scene to do. Depending on what is produced, we will continue with this and make it a higher priority (in which case I will give instructions on which scenes need doing) or we will leave it as a piece of art work.


1) You artwork must be landscape (horizontal) so that it will appear the right way round for a video.


2) Your artwork must fill an A4 or A5 page (so that images will fit with each other).


3) You should have no writing, unless it is a part of a scene (for example it is written on a game or a sign), or unless you have chosen to show a speech bubble with an important line from the play.


4) You may use colour but you don't have to.


5) You may choose your media (i.e. you might create your art work in paint, pastel, pencils, pens or using a computer).


6) You will need to send me your picture either via e-mail or by posting on your own forum then e-mailing me to let me know that it is there.

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