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Lime Class News and Information

Children in Need  - Friday 19th November 2021


Together we can change young lives - BBC Children in Need


In addition to whole school activities - including coming dressed either in spotty clothes or in other casual clothes (no face paint, dangling earrings or hair dye) - there will be a few in-class activities.


We will be having a Pudsey drawing competition.


We will have a Guess the Spots competition. Each guess will cost 20p. Half of the proceeds will go to Children in Need; the other half will go to the child or children whose guess is closest.


Because Pudsey needs company, children are welcome to bring in a single soft toy for the day, provided it is not too precious. The toy should have some form of bandage, plaster or other treatment so that Pudsey feels included! The toy must not be too big and may not go outside at break and lunch.


In addition there will be a sponsored silence. Children who want to take part will aim to be silent for as long as possible - we will have a stop watch on - while they listen to jokes. As soon as they make a noise, they are out (groaning at a joke counts just the same as laughing). This is a fun extra activity put in in response to requests from the class. There will be a ten minute time limit.


Some Year 6s will also be asked to sell merchandise at break and lunch. Details of this will come home via Parentmail.

Friday 10th September 2021


Friday 10th September 2021


Dear children and parents,


Thank you all for an excellent first full week back in school, plus the two days from last week. I can already see a lot of potential in the class – plenty of energy and pleasing enthusiasm to be harnessed, but also a lot of thoughtfulness, compassion and willingness to build something together this year. As a class we will look after each other, have patience with the ups and downs of being a community, and aim high in our school work and our social roles.


House and Sports Captaincy and School Councillors


It has been a privilege to be present when members of the class have been presenting and discussing the roles of House Captains and School Councillors. Candidates and classmates alike have made some extremely thoughtful comments, either in presentations or in questions to candidates; comments that show how important values are to this class. Fairness, equality, respect, inclusion, inspiration and the ability to work together have shone through as values the class already aspires to hold. I look forward to developing these qualities and many others with all of you this year.


House Captains and Sports Captains will be announced at the end of next week. These will be selected by a combination of child and staff voting – though I will abstain! Sports Captain candidates need to be ready to present to the class by Wednesday next week (not by Thursday as I had previously said, so as not be affected too much by Bikeability – this gives us another day). Because Sports Captain selection might affect other roles, the jobs will be announced together.




I am delighted that so many children have now signed up for Bikeability. The first group will have completed the Level 1 and Level 2 sessions by the time you read this. We will have a second group doing their courses on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th September, followed by a third group on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th September. We will let you know who is in these other two groups at the earliest possible time, and on Monday at the latest.


The reason we could not inform parents of which children would be in which groups at the start is due to not having all consent forms in and the group sizes being restricted to a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12. We needed to ensure that we had enough children for a group to run but not too many. Hence, we couldn’t simply place children in groups and then add to these when consent forms come in later.


PE and Swimming


PE sessions will continue on Monday afternoons with coaches from KAS. Swimming will start next week and will take the second PE slot of the week. Therefore, PE kits will not be required on other days unless indicated. Please have hats for swimming. If you are in Bikeability during the first swimming lesson, don’t worry. You will attend Bikeability and have your swimming assessment the following week. The first swimming sessions are assessments.




As part of homework – and as basic good practice – children are expected to read at home daily. Regular reading is one of the most powerful things that can be done out of school to support a child’s development. The more diverse the reading, the better, but motivation and enjoyment are just as important. On some days, children may find less time to read, but this can be balanced by more reading on other days.


Homework and Spellings


Homework will start from next week. It will be sent home on Fridays and will be due in on Thursdays. It will be relevant either to current class work or to fundamental skills. More details will come with each piece. I give plenty of time for homework to be completed, but that means children will benefit from keeping on top of it – not leaving it until the last minute. This is good practice for secondary school. Spellings will also start coming home from next week, once I have done an assessment with the class.


In the event that homework set on Friday is not handed in or completed by the following Thursday, at first I will give children a day’s grace and they will be allowed to hand it in on the following day. If this is a persistent issue, the day’s grace will be removed. If it is still not ready by the Friday, children will be given time at school to complete it. This applies to reading and spelling as well and is designed to build up towards the independence and responsibility required at secondary school.


Paternity Leave


I will soon be on paternity leave for two weeks. Of course, I can’t give a precise time for this yet but our due date is 11th October. The class will be covered by a supply teacher, teaching materials that I will leave during this time. This class will have a special place for me as my class when my daughter, Grace, will be born. One day she will be here at the school of which I am so proud.


Year 6 Residential


I am currently in the process of firming up details for a residential trip to Snowdonia, North Wales on the week of 16th May 2021 (the week after SATs). More details of this will come out once confirmed.



I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Kind regards,

Mr. Oliver-Dean


Friday 3rd September 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Lime Class 2021-2022. We have an exciting year ahead of us, with the lifting of Covid restrictions and the return to a more typical Year 6 experience.


More information about the year ahead – including the residential trip, our production, SATs and other details – will come home in the future, but I would like to let you know a few details that have been discussed with children these last two days.


  • PE will start from next week with kits needed in for Monday. A second PE session will take place towards the end of the week, so please have kits in on Thursday and Friday as well.
    • Information about kits is available on the school website.
    • On all days, children should wear school uniform. On PE days, a PE kit should be brought in in a bag to change into during the day.
  • Homework has not been sent home yet. It will start soon, being handed out on Fridays with details of expectations and when to hand in with each piece. Homework will be posted on the class website.
  • Children have been advised to prepare presentations if they wish to stand as school council, sports captain and house captain candidates.
    • Children can go for all of these posts.
    • School council and house captain presentations need to be ready by Thursday next week.
    • Sports captains will have at least one more week.
    • A presentation could be a speech, with or without notes or a script, or it could involve a computer presentation. I encourage children to focus on the content of their presentation, not on an eye-catching PowerPoint. If children wish to use a PowerPoint it will need to be compatible with a Windows PC and should be sent via DB Primary (details can be provided for this).
  • Every child has a current reading book either from school or home. Children should be reading daily. I will take a daily record from Monday.


Kind regards,
Mr. Oliver-Dean (Year 6 Teacher/Assistant Head)

Contact the Class

For more information, please contact the school office on 01279 723382 or at Alternatively, you may use the contact form below.

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