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The information lower on this page is archived. This means that it is older work, but it is being kept here in case it is useful.

Help Files for Online Maths Work - Mr. Oliver's Feedback

Maths Work - Online


For the time being, please use IXL to work online for maths. It is a resource we all know and can use. 

When you want help, do the following:


1) Use the help that is available for each question. There is often a 'Learn with an example' option at the top of the page for each section. Also, when you get a question wrong, look at the explanation.


2) If you have someone at home who can look at the task with you, please make use of this. It can be helpful to read through instructions and example together.


3) Get in touch with me. Send me a message at When you do so, please be clear which section and which questions you are finding hard. I can look through these using my IXL account. I can see the correct answer and your error and give you advice. I might post advice to the DB primary forums or to the class website to help others too.


Please complete tasks in this order. You may use the support materials as much as you want to bring you up to speed, to revise things you are rusty on or to check understanding that you might not have been sure of in previous years. However, this should lead on to doing the Year 6 materials. If you complete the Year 6 materials easily, try the enrichment tasks. I have only included tasks that are still relevant to the KS2 curriculum here.

IXL Task Support Materials Enrichment

S.1. to S.5 Co-ordinate Plane

L.O. to read, plot and interpret co-ordinates

Year 3 - R.1

Year 4 - U.1 to U.5

Year 5 - J.1 to J.5

Year 7 - W.1 to W.5

U.1 to U.16 Data and Graphs

L.O. to read, edit, create and interpret a range of graphs

Year 3 - R.2 to R.16

Year 4 - U.5 to U.16

Year 5 - K.1 to K.12

Year 7 - FF.1 to FF.19

X.1 to X.13 Units of Measurement

L.O. to visualise, convert, interpret and calculate units of measurement

Year 3 - S.1. to S.21

Year 4 - V.1 to V.16

Year 5 - O.1 to O.11

Year 7 - S.1 to S.11

Y.1 to Y.8 Lines and Angles

L.O. to identify and calculate angles
L.O. to name and identify properties of lines

Year 3 - V.6

Year 4 - W.9 to W.15

Year 5 - Q.10 to Q.14

Year 7 - AA.9 to AA.17

CC.1 to CC.11 Geometric Measurement

L.O. to calculate and reason about perimeter, area and volume

Year 3 - V.1 to V.5

Year 4 - W.1 to W.17

Year 5 - Q.1 to Q.9

and Q.15 to Q.19

Year 7 - EE.1 to EE.17

AA.1 to AA.4 Symmetry and Transformations

L.O. to identify and draw lines of symmetry

L.O. to identify and perform transformations

Year 3 - 

Year 4 - W.16 to W.18

Year 5 -

Year 7 - BB.1 to BB.7

Continue with Z.1 to Z.11 until complete.

Work started in class.



Continue with or start BB.1 to BB.4 until complete.

Work started in class (by some children).

If you complete all of these, ask me what you should continue with next.    


Maths Work - Offline


If you are unable to access IXL while at home (it doesn't have to be during the normal school day, so long as you can get on it for about an hour a day), please get in touch with me. I will put together offline materials.


I will also be adding offline materials for everyone, in time, but will start with IXL because it is both well known and very effective.

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