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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Monday 1st February 2021

The tasks can be found at the end of the powerpoint.  Please look at the checklist before writing so you know what you should include in your writing.  You should check that all of your sentences make sense and that punctuation has been used correctly.   Please check there are no errors with capital letters, full stops and commas.  You should also include enough detail in your writing to interest the reader.  All of your writing should be longer than the model answer I have written for one section of Task 1.

Writing Checklist

Powerpoint for use in Zoom discussion

The powerpoint I will use in Zoom wouldn't upload as it is too large so I have taken the video files out.  They are pieces of music that have an effect on my mood.  I will try to add them as video files.

Piece 1

Still image for this video
I often choose a piece to play that suits my mood at the time. How do you think this piece makes me feel?

Piece 2

Still image for this video
At other times I play this piece (not quite as well as the lady in the video).

Piece 3

Still image for this video
How does this piece of music make you feel?
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