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Little Hallingbury


Monday 1st March


Monday 1st March


This is the last week of home learning and so there are no zoom lessons this week! We are busy in school setting up your classroom with lots of new and exciting things!


Please join me on DB primary at 9am for a daily register.



This week we will be revising all of the sounds that you have learnt so far and practising all of our tricky words.

Please see the lessons attached below.




The very hungry caterpillar.

Year 1- Please read the story of The very hungry caterpillar, can you then use the storyboard to sequence the story?

Please use the storyboard to re-write the story of the hungry caterpillar, practising applying the days of the week, spellings, applying full stops and capital lessons and using your plan to support you.



This week in maths we will be re-visiting and revising some of the areas of learning that we have covered during lockdown.  Please note the videos and activities are shorter this week so please also do a little mathletics each day and plays some online maths games on the 'Top Marks' website too. 


Maths - Watch the video on 2D and 3D shapes and complete the follow-up activity. 


Spelling test

now, how, down, brown, town, out, about, mouth, sound, you.

Extension- treasure, clue, inside, smile


To complete todays spelling test, please sit your child at the table with a piece of plain paper. Then read out the list of spellings, one at a time and only moving onto the next when they are ready. You can repeat the word to them but cannot help with sounding out. If the spelling requires a capital letter ie. Name, place etc. If they do not apply the capital letter the spelling is incorrect. Please check and mark the spellings and upload them onto your child’s blog.

This week’s new spellings- for, short, born, horse, morning, more, score, before, wore, shore

Extension- because, beautiful, caterpillar

Please write a sentence for each spelling to help you to practise and learn them. I have added a powerpoint below to help you learn the new spellings.



Maths - Monday 1st March

Maths - Mathletics - I have assigned some new tasks for you to practice this week on the following skills:


* Add and subtract to 20

* Place value

* Length


Place practice a little each day. 


Maths - Please also choose some maths game to play from the 'Top Marks' website each day (link below). 

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