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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Monday 1st March St David's Day.

PE - start your day with a Joe Wicks work out.  This will be his last week.

No Wren's Zoom lessons today 


Read for 15-20 minutes.


Read a book from home, or sign up to Borrow box with your Essex/ Hertfordshire library card.

Or use Oxford Owl.

login ‘students’

user name: wrenshbo

Password: at.home



New spellings have been added in the normal red 'spellings' tab on Wrens page.

Watch the power point to find out about the spelling pattern in this week's words.

This morning you need to read through all of your new spellings.  If there is a word which you don't know the meaning of, look it up in the dictionary or ask an adult in your house.

Choose one of the learning activities (ie, the word search or look, cover write check).

English- writing

Write a rough draft of a letter for a family member who does not live with you, or a family friend that you haven’t seen for a while. (Tomorrow you will correct any mistakes and copy it up in your best handwriting).

You could include:

How you have used your extra time at home.

What your favourite toys or games at home have been.

What you have liked about being at home.

What you are looking forward to when you are back at school.

What activity would like to do with your family member/ friend when you can meet up again.


Who was St David and why do we remember him today?

There is a special flower associated with this day.  Clue: it is yellow and has a trumpet.

Can you look outside to find one of these flowers?  When you find one try carefully drawing it.

Story Time

Finish your day listening to some poems by Michael Rosen.

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