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Little Hallingbury


Monday 8th Feb

Monday 8th February


Mental Health Week continued

This week we will be continuing to think about our feelings and what make us special.




Monday- How are you? Did you have a good weekend?

Daily zoom lessons from 9-10am. Please complete the tasks from the lesson and upload your work onto your blog on DB Primary.


For extra practise please visit -



Today you are going to play a game! You will need counters and a die. The game is an emotions game, as you land on a square, describe a time where you have felt that emotion. Can you choose 1 emotion to write a sentence describing it and draw a picture?



Please watch the video on 'Adding by counting on' and complete the follow-up maths activity



For our PE lessons we will use a variety of different materials focusing on all of the EYFS and Year 1 PE curriculum expectations.

Reception and Year 1- Today you have a live PE lesson with KAS and teacher Aaron at 13.30-14.10.






Maths - Reception - Monday 8th Feb

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