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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Monday 8th February 2021

*‘Express Yourself’ Task:

Take time to read poems you might otherwise not read.

Listen to people performing poems in videos. What ones do you like?

Write your own poems on any subject.

Perform a poem - recording yourself if you want to.


Look at Greenling lesson 1.  Make up your own story where people find something unexpected.  You could include yourself and write in the 1st person if you wish.  Can you make illustrations for the front and back cover of your story book.  You could continue this as an extended English project this week.

"Cobwebs" by Christina Rossetti, recited by The Wordman

Listen to this poem. What do you think it's about? Could you write a poem like this?

"If" by Rudyard Kipling (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot. Read by Count Arthur Strong.

The poem is by TS Eliot - Count Arthur Strong gets this wrong when introducing it.

Funny kids poem - "Once, I Laughed my socks off" - read by the author

He is advertising his book by reading the poem but just enjoy the poem - you don't have to buy the book.

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