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Offline Learning Resources

Remote Learning in Lime Class – Offline Work to Get You Started


Dear Children,


I hope you are all well. Keep your chins up. Keep calm and carry on.


DB Primary and our school website are struggling under the demand, with all the schools working remotely at the moment. If you are unable to access work online, please try the following:




Other Subjects

Choose problem solving activities from the selection I have sent out.

Please read plenty. Read out loud if you have someone to read to (or if you’re on your own). If you have the equipment to do so, try recording yourself doing more than one part in Let the Games Begin.


Your English composition (writing) can be part of your project work if you do plenty of it. If not, please choose one or more of the following:


  1. Start a Remote Learning diary. Keep an account of each day. This could be something really interesting to keep and look back on in many years from now when people remember this time.

I will send you out off-line materials for other subjects later on.


For science: Draw and explain how an eye works.


Start to work on one or more of the following projects. You can choose how you want to present your work. If you can’t use the internet (even if you can), I suggest creating a book, booklet or folder of work. You can mix writing and images, cut out, printed out or created by you. Aim to be creative.


Project 1) British Values / Great Britain


These questions and ideas are starting points. It is up to you how you respond to them. You can respond to any or all of them. You can create your own ideas and questions.


What does it mean to be British?

What makes Britain unique and special?*

What images do you think of when you think of Britain?

What buildings, vehicles, inventions and objects do you think of when you think of Britain?

What is the history of Britain? How does Britain’s history have an impact today?

Britain has a beautiful and varied landscape – what is it like?

How many different examples of Britains’ geography can you find?

Who are your favourite famous Britons? Who are the ‘most important’ and why?

What do you know or can you find out about British culture – its art, its music, its sport and games, its books and films its food and drink?

What values are British values? Why do they matter?


*Every country is unique. Every country is different and has qualities that makes it special. If you have a connection to another country, you could use this as a project as well as or instead of Britain. I am half-British, half-Irish. I love both countries and both cultures and histories. I also really enjoy discovering and learning about countries and cultures that I know less about.


Project 2) The Anniversary of the End of World War II


We were due to use this as more of a theme in the class. I will give more information in the coming weeks, but for the time being you are welcome to do any work at all that interests you and is to do with the Second World War, including the end of it, the period leading up to it or the war itself. You might want to refer to Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook.


Project 3) Spring


Although the human world is a little unusual at the moment, with schools closing and a lot of places shut due to coronavirus, the natural world continues as normal. I will give more information to get you going with this in the near future, but you may do anything to do with the change of seasons, the beginning of Spring, the end of winter and the weather, the animals and plants around us.


Project 4) Let the Games Begin


We might not be auditioning and rehearsing for this at the moment, but we will still make Let the Games Begin a major part of our learning. You may do anything to do with this musical at the moment and it will count towards a project. I will give more ideas over the coming days and weeks.


Could you turn the play into a story? Could you write it as a short novel (a book)?

Could you turn the play into a comic strip or graphic novel to combine your art work with your writing?

Could you design what the settings could look like? This could be done artistically, by drawing or painting (or using other art techniques) or it could be done by describing the settings.

Could you create Wanted posters for the characters?

Could you create costumes and outfits for the characters, either drawn or made with materials you have to hand?

Could you write adventures that some of the characters might have away from the main story?

Could you write more songs to fit in with the play? Could you write new verses and choruses for the songs that you already know?


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