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St Mary's

Hatfield Broad Oak

Our Science work

 Design and make a musical instrument


If you can email me (Mrs Luxford) a photo of your musical  instrument it will be uploaded to this page. 

Alternatively you could upload your picture to the DB primary blog. 


Sound Insulation

This week we carried out an investigation to discover how to insulate a room to prevent sound from travelling.  We had great fun hiding a ringing phone wrapped in different materials and listening to see if we could hear it.

The children were encouraged to carry out their own similar investigations at home and share their learning with their families.

String Telephones


This week we have been learning about how sound travels. 

Well done everyone who has  made successful telephones.  Every child who can answer questions about their telephone and how it works has been awarded a house point.  There are still a few house points waiting to be given!

It would be great to tale a photo of you using the telephone so that you could upload it to DB Primary.  Perhaps you could write a blog about how you made it.

Science - the pitch of sound. We investigated what we needed to do to make high and low sounds.

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