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Lime Class are studying the same RE unit as Owl Class this half term so Mr Oliver-Dean is kindly sharing their resources..

Dharma ppt

Tasks for RE 25.1.21


Please post your responses on our db primary forum.  I will set up topics for each task.


Task 1 - Watch the video lessons and make notes.  Explain, in your own words, what dharma means to Hindus.

Task 2 - Take notes from the video lesson.  There are different types of dharma.  The different types of Dharma, influence how Hindus have lived, and how they continue to live today.  Should one type of dharma be more important than the others?  If so, which one and why do you think that?  If not, please explain why you think they are equally important.

Task 3 -   Would dharma mean the same to all Hindus? Why do people interpret things differently?

Task 4 - Does the Hindu belief of dharma have any similarities to Christian values?  Explain how they might be similar.

Monday 22nd February 2021 - What is Salvation?

The Story of Easter (The Last Supper)

Superbook - Miracles of Jesus

Understanding what Jesus did during his life for others.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - Stations of the Cross

The Story of Easter (Jesus' Sacrifice)

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