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Little Hallingbury


Reception Home Learning 11th-15th January



Friday 15th January – Reception


Phonics –  

Please practise the sounds (phonemes) we have learnt this week-

 f, ff, l

Then continue to practise reading and writing phase 2 tricky words-

 I the no go to

(these are words that you can’t sound out so need to learn by sight.)

Here are a list of links to phonics games please select phase 2 and practise these sounds.


Maths – Live zoom lesson with Mrs Nicholson and complete the follow up maths activity (in the weekly star).


English – Look in the ‘Reading website star’.  Log into “oxford owl’.  Choose 2 books to share with an adult or sibling.  If you can, please record yourself reading a few pages of one of the books.


Creative - Choose an animal that lives around your home, e.g.








Fox           etc.


Can you use junk modelling boxes to create your animal?  You could use the following:


Cereal boxes

Yogurt pots

Egg boxes


Draw a habitat for where you think your animal might like to live .e.g.


In the tree

Under a log

In a flower



Here are some examples:

Junk modelling examples

Friday STEM and outdoor challenge

Numicon pieces

Pictures of pets

Tuesday 12th January - Maths

Monday 11th January - Maths

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