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Little Hallingbury


Reception Home Learning 4th-8th January

Good Morning Parents, 

I have added this terms topic webs to the website.  This shows you and your child some of the topics and objectives we will be covering this term.  Mrs Hickman and I have also devised a 'lockdown timetable'.  You will see we have included some live zoom phonics, maths and PHSE lessons, we also have included more pre-recorded lessons.  These lessons will be following a similar format to the way we teach in class and we would encourage you to encourage your child to join in with these lessons, if you are able to (please do contact us if you have any problems or concerns).  The new timetable will commence from next Monday (11th January).  We will be sending out invites and times for these zoom lessons via your parent email.  


The timetable is a suggested way of working but we absolutely understand that home life can be very busy and young children need a lot of support and guidance and you will have other commitments in your day too.  Therefore please support your child in the way that works best for you, your child and your family. We would also not expect or want children to be working at desks all day as this is not the way that young children learn most effectively.  In the classroom the children are supported in various ways, these include: whole class carpet teaching sessions, small group teaching sessions, individual support.  Together with planned structured and unstructured learning activities in which an adult will be supporting, developing and extending children's learning.  Next week, in our weekly plan, we will outline some of the ways we achieve this in class. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do email either Mrs Hickman (Monday, Tuesday ) or me (Thursday, Friday) and alternate Wednesdays (Me... 13th, Mrs Hickman 20th and so on!). 

Thank you for your support.  As parents ourselves to young and older children we fully appreciate home learning is not always easy!  We do anticipate the live lessons to be very successful and go smoothly but please do bear with us if we have some initial hiccups as this is a new way of working for us! 


Best Wishes


Mrs Nicholson 

Topic Web - Reception - Spring 1 - 'The Boy, The mole, the Fox and the Horse'

Lockdown Timetable (Commencing week beg: 11th January)

Friday 8th January


Phonics – Please watch and complete the activities on the Power point.


English – Can you make some animal mask using the templates and create a story using the animals as characters.


Maths – Please watch the maths video and complete the follow up work on matching numbers, numicon and number cards with objects.


Creative – Can you make a split pin polar animal or two! Can you make a habitat for the animals?


* Please can you upload your work to your 'blog' on your work page.  This makes it easier for us to locate.  Thank you and apologies for any confusion about this! *

Animal masks

Counting and recognising numbers - Reception - Friday 8th January

Split pin polar animals

Reception – Thursday 7th January


Phonics – Please watch the phonics video and complete the activities suggested in the video.


English –– Listen to the story of ‘The blue balloon’.  Answer the questions at the end of the power point.


Maths – Please watch the video on ‘Counting and recognising numbers from 0-20 and complete the activity suggested in the video.


Science – This is the start of our work on animals.  Please watch the power point on ‘Grouping animals’ and complete the work on sorting animals.



Please note your child will need paper and a pencil or whiteboard and pen (if you have one) for the phonics and maths lessons. 

Reception - phonics - 7th January

Reception - 7th January - Counting, ordering and recognising numbers from 0-20

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