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Little Hallingbury


Remote Learning During School Closure

The 100 Challenge

This video is about The 100 Challenge

Hello Ash Class


I hope you are all well and enjoying your learning at home.  This week the teachers in Pine class have set a challenge for the children to do.  Mrs Wheatley thought Ash class would like to do the challenge too.  Watch the video and see if you can spot some familiar faces? Can you do the 100 challenge? Post your responses or videos for Mrs Wheatley and your friends in Ash class to see on DB Primary.


Happy Learning


Mrs Nicholson

Dear Ash Class,

The Summer Term is about to begin and we are going to focus on ‘Castles’ as our topic. I have tried to incorporate many interesting things for you to do as part of your home-school learning. To help you organise your work, I have created a suggested timetable, which will help to form a structure to your day. I would like you to focus on Reading, Writing and Maths, but there are opportunities to complete tasks on the Foundation Subjects too.

You can share your work with me or ask any questions, through DB Primary or my school email address and I will be available during the normal school hours. Do take photos of any practical tasks and feel free to share your work with your classmates on the Ash Class Forum on DB Primary.

When completing tasks online, it is important that you remain safe. Please look at the e-safety materials on the Federation Website.

This new way of working is all very different and very strange, but we are still a school community. I hope you will enjoy all of the tasks and different learning this term and have fun in the process.

I will look forward to seeing what you have been doing.

Take care and work hard,

Mrs Wheatley

Ash Summer Timetable

Download Timetable

Summer Topic Web

Happy Easter to Ash Class

Join Ash Class Forum on DBPrimary to find out what your class teachers and classmates do in their spare time.

Lots of CBeebies educational games. Follow the link above..

30 Days of April Fun!

Monday 30th March

Message to Ash

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